Ben Schuster


Please note that due to very high demand, I have a waiting period of at least 2 – 6 months. If you are able and willing to wait that long, please fill out the form below and I will contact you with more details and preparation materials.

Counseling Fees

Good counseling is not cheap. It goes well beyond simply providing standard advice or teaching listening and communications techniques.  The counselor is  deeply involved and committed to your process and this commitment goes beyond the sessions themselves, with a lot of time and mental energy spent preparing, reflecting on potential blocks to progress and how to best help couples move ahead. Including regular supervision. 

Afterall, your relationship is very valuable to you and I feel a large responsibility to honour that investment you have in each other and to do my absolute best to help you improve your relationship as quickly as possible. For me its more than just a job. Each person, each couple is a matter of the heart to me and I take this responsibility very seriously. 

Individual Session

€100 / 50 min

Couples Session

€180 / 90 min

It is therefore important to me to work with couples, or people that see themselves and their relationship as something precious, something important and worth inveseting in. Without that willingness and commitment to the process, counseling is doomed to fail before it even starts. 

So yes, getting help is not cheap, but is there a more worthwhile investment than in yourself and in your relationship?

Of course financial realities play a role. If at any point I feel that counseling is not making progress – I will be transparent with you and we can decide if it makes sense to continue.  

Invoicing & Subsidies

  • I will write you an invoice at the end of each month and am thankful for timely payment
  • As a psychological counselor I am only able to invoice on a private basis and invoices are unfortunately not covered by public health insurance.
  • Some private health insurances cover individual or couples counseling – please check with your insurance provider.
  • If you wish to have an invoice for individual coaching or through your company please let me know in the first session


If you ever have to cancel or change a session, please inform me at least 24 hours in advance so I have the chance to offer the timeslot to another couple.

For cancellations or changes at shorter notice, I charge 50%. 

Getting to the practice

We have a beautiful practice in the first story of an old villa in Saggen, Innsbruck, together with the IGFB – International Gesselschaft für Beziehung.


Gänsebacherstrasse 6, Innsbruck, 6020 (Link to open in maps)


You can park on the street for up to 3 hours with a parking ticket. Please allow at least 60min for individual sessions and 90 minutes for couples sessions. I highly reccomend using the parking app Easypark


Please ring the bell Praxisgemeinschat. It can sometimes take a little while for the door to open – don’t be shy to ring again after 1-2 minutes, or to also try the second doorbel Praxis/Seminar. 

Note – my name is not on the gate. 

Waiting room

First story – take the door to the right and the waiting room is visible.  

Thank you for your appointment request.