Ben Schuster

Coaching & Supervision

Our work and effectiveness suffers when our relationships with employees & colleagues get stuck in a negative dynamic. Often it feels hopeless - with anything you do only making the situation worse. It doesn't have to be this way...

Emotionally focused coaching and supervision can help to quickly break the negative dynamic and help you and your team get focused back on results.

Strong emotions and feelings are often seen as not appropriate in a work context, and as a result they are supressed, or worse, only shown in a passive aggressive way. Through blocking behaviour, being difficult, or generally a culture of apathy and negativity – the problem is always “the other person”.

For example

  • Managers are often overwhelmed and frustrated that their employees fail to take on more responsibility and accountability.
  • Employees are frustrated that managers don’t have time and don’t seem to understand their situation.
  • Colleagues feel unsupported or frustrated with each other but are unable to talk about it

EFT Coaching & Supervision helps you understand and cut through the dynamic, quickly and efficiently. It provides a safe space to not only understand what is going on, but to change the way you feel. Often in only a few sessions long standing conflicts can be released and positive working relationships established.

common questions

In the first few sessions I recommend you come alone and we will explore your role in the dynamic. Often once the manager or supervisor knows what is really going on, the situation quickly shifts.

Counselling is more focused on personal relationships and tends to go more deeply into personal history and emotional patterns. With the goal being to help people become more in touch with their deeper feelings and to relate to each other from this space.

Coaching also focuses on emotions and feelings – but the focus is to help you regulate and get unstuck and we do not go as deep in individual counseling. As work relationships are often not as personal as those with our family and friends. However – sometimes we do go deeper if there is a topic that creates pressure or where you often get stuck – for example a feeling of inadequcy, or having to be the best and outperform everyone.

Supervision is often with small groups to help work through a conflict in a live setting and to maintain a safe space so that feelings and emotions can be expressed and let go and that people can speak directly and openly with each other. The impact of supervision on teams is huge and helps them to realign and refocus on their jobs.

That is fine.  Simply fill out the contact form with a short description of your situation and we can then discuss what works together in your first session.

Yes of course. Before we work with your whole team, it is critical that we do a one on one session so that I can understand the situation and exactly what is needed. Sometimes when a manager of supervisor changes a few minor things, then the whole dynamic in the team shifts.