Ben Schuster

Mens Counseling

Admitting you are struggling is difficult, but its the first step to living in alignment with who you really are.

Most men wait too long to get help, or they don’t get it at all. Women are quick to ask for support.  Us men tend to think…  Its not that bad… I’ll cope…there must be a way of getting through this on my own.

We are strong and often have our own ways of processing difficult life situations. But even men need to get help – as sometimes it gets too much. And especially when it relates to better understanding our emotions and feelings.  

Mens counseling is something that is especially important to me – the journey of admiting you are struggling, getting help and learning to talk about your struggles, hopes, ambitions, to stop and ask whether there is more to life than work and struggle, or to realise you are living someone else’s life and to make changes that mean a lot to you  – that is also my story. I know how challenging it is and I also know how good it feels to start to live more aligned with what is important to me.  


Mens topics

Dealing with emotions and feelings

Staying with difficult feelings and emotions and talking about them is not something most men like to do. And yet it is something that is critical to our health and well-being. Men who are "emotionally intelligent" are happier, have better relationships, and are less likely to suffer from heart disease or loneliness. This requires the ability to stay with and feel through uncomfortable feelings.

Relationship Challenges

Men often suffer in silence in relationships. Feeling like they need to put up with the situation, or trying to please their partner or friends or parents. Relationships are not a black box and there are things you can and need to do to enjoy good relationships. This requires a good realtionship to yourself, your feelings and also what you are willing to accept or not accept in relationship.

Midlife crisis - what am I doing with my life?

Maybe you have spent years and years chasing goals. Or experienced a huge dissapointment or shock, the sudden loss of a relationship or someone that is important to you. A mid life crisis, while scary and challenging, is also a huge opportunity to grow and become the person you want to be.

Being a man

Being a man is not an easy role in the 21st century, with all the conflicting expectations and ideals that we are constantly bombarded with. What does it mean to be a man? Do I feel like I am being the man I want to be? How do I deal with the shadow sides of my manliness, and at the same time stand to my inner strength and power?

I support men in finding their own manliness. One that is right for them.

common questions

I offer a no risk get to know each other session. This means if you decide not to continue, I will not bill the session. 

It depends on what your struggling with. In some cases it makes sense to come on your own – e.g. you are not sure what you want from a relationship in the future. In others it is good to come together as a couple – if you are struggling with a negative relationship dynamic, or lots of conflict. 

Please call me to discuss what is best for your situation.